How to remove your old clothes


A family in the southern Philippines has used an old sewing machine to strip away old clothes, and a local woman has given it a go too.

In the village of Yap-yap, in Lanao del Norte province, the mother and son said the family had been sewing clothes for over 40 years.

“I started sewing, and my husband said, ‘I’ll give it a try,'” the father told AFP.

“We started by making some buttons and buttons and then we started to use a sewing machine,” the mother said.

“After about 15 minutes, we finished the clothes, washed them and threw them in the bin.”

The washing machine was not so efficient.

So, I used a clothes-washing machine,” she added.

The father said the clothes were very old, and he thought the family would be embarrassed to ask the sewing machine owner to take them home.

But the woman told AFP the family has been happy with the experience.”

He didn’t seem embarrassed at all.

He said he will take care of it, and I will help him,” the father said.

Local government officials are also helping the family.”

It’s great.

I was looking for something that I can use for myself.

I don’t have a sewing kit,” said Yap Yap Mayor Reynaldo Santos.”

This machine will be my best friend, and when I wash my clothes, I can see what it is I have been sewing,” he added.