Which wood has the best recovery rate?


Rustic wood and old-growth trees, such as beech and maple, can recover quickly, but a lot of old-world wood is also good at recovering quickly, according to the National Science Foundation.

This includes beech, maple, birch and white oak, as well as oak, spruce and poplar.

For example, the National Park Service says that birch will recover from fire in two weeks to three months, and that beech will recover in two to four months.

It’s also important to remember that many types of trees can recover faster than others, and these types of wood can help with recovery as well.

The National Park System also notes that oak, maple and birch can be used to build buildings.

The pine tree is particularly important because it has a great survival rate, but other wood species also work well, such the ash tree, which can grow in very wet areas and is known to grow quickly.

For more information on wood recovery, read the National Institutes of Health’s Tree Recovery article.

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