How to paint wood furniture using a paintbrush


What to expect when you paint furniture?

You can’t just paint the wood, you need to paint the entire thing.

That means you need a paint brush.

And when you’re painting, you’ll want to keep it away from the surface.

That’s because the paint will start to seep into the wood grain and will ruin the look of the wood.

So, paint the furniture from the side and paint over the top, and keep the sides clean.

And don’t let it drip into the corners.

You’ll need to wipe off the excess paint with a damp cloth, and then use a brush to apply it to the surface to give it that beautiful texture.

And then, you can take that back to the cabinet and let it sit there for at least two hours, until it starts to harden.

It should be ready to use when you clean up after yourself.

For some furniture, you might have to paint all the way through.

But if you can do that, it’s a good idea to use a paint that is safe for your eyes.