Watch: ‘This Is Us’ and ‘The Walking Dead’ return for Season 7


The Walking Dead returns for its seventh season, and with it a brand new season-long storyline with a vengeance.

The premiere episode of Season 7, titled “Rampant,” opens with the group meeting up with their old friend Rick Grimes and his family to find out if they can find their missing loved ones.

This will be the first time we see the group interact with the humans since their return to civilization, as well as the first encounter with Rick’s family since their departure from Alexandria.

While we haven’t seen much of Rick Grimes’ family since the premiere, we know they were the ones who rescued the group.

It’s possible that they have returned to Alexandria to keep the group company, which would make sense as they’re the ones that survived the war with the Saviors.

However, the group does not get to meet their former companions, as it’s unclear whether or not the Saviours were responsible for the death of their leader.

There are no spoilers in the show, so we can only speculate.

“Ramps up” in a big way in the premiere “The Walking New Year’s Eve,” when the group reunites with Rick and his group.

This is the first sign that they’ve returned to the safety of Alexandria, as they are forced to watch as Rick and Michonne (played by Rosario Dawson) meet their old friends in their new home.

While it’s still unclear if the Saviour was responsible for their deaths, it’s clear that this group is a new team for Rick to work with.

While Rick and the group are back together, it will be a little while longer before they can meet the Savages again.

There’s no reason to believe that Rick and The Saviores will ever be seen again.

After their reunion, Rick and Rick Grimes decide to continue their journey by going out on their own and exploring the woods for whatever clues they can.

The Walking Old Ones, a show that’s been coming for a long time, returns with its eighth season on Jan. 31.

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