Which wood furniture is the best?


A friend of mine has a wooden bed that he likes to share with his son.

I asked him which wood he would recommend to his son to start with.

He replied, “My son likes pine and ebony.”

So, I have been playing around with different wood types for a while.

And I’ve found that pine is one of the best choices for the bed.

The downside to the wood is that it’s expensive and it’s prone to stains.

Ebony is also prone to stain and stains.

So, in the end, I prefer ebony to pine.

I also found that it takes more time to prepare and then to get a good look at the finish.

But ebony does seem to be the easiest wood to work with, especially for children.

Here are the four main woods for furniture.

And the best thing about them is that they’re really cheap and can be easily made.