New furniture to make you feel more like youre at home


New furniture from designers like Astrid Krieger, Kate Beckinsale, and Sarah Jessica Parker, all made for the beach and the ocean, will be part of the brand’s new line of eco-friendly homes.

These new products include the ocean-inspired “Blue Wave” home furnishings and the home décor of Sarah Jessica, which includes a wood-paneled ceiling.

They’re part of a new trend for eco-conscious homes, which is also the brands new home design, said a spokesperson for Astrud, which owns the brand.

The brand, which has more than 1,300 homes across the US and the UK, recently launched a new range of eco friendly products, including “Astrid’s” line of kitchen cabinets, kitchen countertops, and kitchen chairs.

It also unveiled a range of “Kelsey and Friends” furniture.

The new eco-toy home decor includes a variety of natural materials, from recycled paper to recycled wood and glass.

The line of “beautiful” eco-home furnishings will be available in the US beginning in January, the spokesperson said.

“We have a new line coming out with eco-design and eco-beauty products,” she said.

Kate Beckensale and Sarah Jones’ eco-inspired designs were recently featured in the New York Times.

Sarah Jones, who is the daughter of singer Katy Perry, designed the “Oceanic” home furniture that features a sea wall and waves that are created by the sea.

The home was inspired by a photo of her with her mother in Hawaii.

Sarah Jessica also designed the home in Hawaii, with a sea-inspired look, as well as a range on a boat.

Sarah Jane Parker also created the “Pacific” design, with waves and a sea backdrop, which features a deck with an ocean view.

Sarah Parker also designed and built the “Dirty Seas” home design.

“Dangerous” designs will be featured in January and February, said the spokesperson.

These designs will feature a beach-themed interior, with an all-natural feel.

The products include eco-reactive furnishings, including eco-fabric, and sustainable designs, including a sustainable water filter and recycled glass.

Sarah Kate Beck, Sarah Jane, and Katy Perry will be among the designers on display at the launch of Astruds new line, which also includes eco-themed items like a recycled beach towel and ecofriendly home furnishing.

The “BlueWave” line includes new ocean-themed furnishings from the brand, as it focuses on natural materials.

AstrutDoor, which Astruts global home decor, will debut its eco-living products starting January 6.

It is a line of natural products designed for eco home design and home ownership, including an eco-laundry that is made from reclaimed water bottles.

“Our goal is to design products that are designed to be easy to clean, yet comfortable to live in, while also making them accessible for everyone,” said AstruDoor CEO Emily M. O’Neil.

“These eco-products are the perfect blend of simple, beautiful, and affordable, and the perfect addition to our home design portfolio.”

The brand also announced plans to launch an eco friendly kitchen cabinet line, starting in January.

The Astruthrow brand is committed to using 100% recycled materials and to developing environmentally-friendly products, O’Neill said.

A Struthrow Home Design range of products will be sold in the U.S. starting January 8, according to the spokesperson, which will also include products made from recycled and recycled-material household goods, as the brand aims to offer its products to as many people as possible.

“With our eco-sustainable products, our aim is to help people achieve their personal wellness goals while also meeting the demands of their lifestyle,” the spokesperson added.

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